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Tomine Mikkeline is a classical trained singer and actress who grew up in a musical family in Bergen. At five years old, she started to take cello lessons and at the age of ten, she began taking singing lessons. The following year, she enrolled in the Bergen Culture School’s Talent Program in classical singing. Twice, she received the first prize in the Youth Music Competition at the academy of music in Oslo, the second time with 25 of 25 possible points. The jury wrote this feedback about Tomine's stage performances: "You've come incredibly far when it comes to understanding technical singing. You have a lovely, clean timbre. We got goosebumps! You have musicality, good phrasing and good text comprehension. You have a wonderful voice and you are a fabulous talent!!» In addition to winning this competition twice, Tomine has also received numerous scholarships and prizes. Among others, she was awarded Bergen’s talent prize in 2013.


She has been a soloist in the Grieg Hall on several occasions, performing with the ”Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra”, ”Norwegian Armed Forces Music Corps Western Norway” and ”Youth Symphony”. Tomine has also held a concert in the foyer in The Norwegian Opera in Oslo. Tomine sing in several events and concerts around in Norway every year.


Tomine has sung for several Peace Prize Winners during the years. In 2010, she sang at the Rafto Prize Ceremony at The National Stage in Bergen, with musicians from the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra. In 2016, she sang during the formal celebration dinner in Haakon’s Hall, Bergen, together with the Rafto Foundation for Human Right’s 30 years anniversary; all former price winners were in attendance. In 2012, she sang during the huge folk festival for Aung San Suu Kyi (Nobel Peace Prize Winner 1991) in Bergen with 20,000 people in attendance. She was asked to sing Aung San Suu Kyi’s favorite hymn «Lead Kindly Light» (which also was Ghandi’s favorite). With its gorgeous lyrics and beautiful melody it has since that day been one of Tomine's absolute favorites from her repertoire. She also sang during the opening of UCI road championships 2017 in Bergen with 10,000 people in attendance.


Tomine got the opportunity in 2014 to both sing and meet Malala Yousafzai (Nobel Peace Prize winner 2014): twice. In Malala’s first visit to Norway in June 2014, Tomine sang for her during a ceremony in Oslo. In addition, Tomine sang as a part of the Nobel Peace Prize Cermony in a solemn concert in December 2014 in Oslo,where both laureates for 2014 were in the crowd: Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi. She did this performance together with her pianist Karianne Stangenes and violinist Ludvig Gudim.


In December 2013 sang during the yearly and famous Christmas concerts in the Johannes Church in Bergen. The concerts got very good reviews in the newspapers and one of the reviewers wrote this about Tomine's performance during the concert: "It starts quietly and beautiful with a magnificent performance of the familiar and beloved Christmas song 'Journey to the Christmas star' by Tomine Mikkeline Eide. Despite that it's only been a few days since she turned sixteen, she is already a seasoned musician and actor, and may be regarded as the greatest musical talent in Bergen at the moment."


In October 2014, Tomine did her first tour. She was the support artist for Aled Jones on his three-week long tour in England and Wales, and got her own concert before he went on stage. Otherwise, Tomine has been a soloist with several choirs in Bergen, and sung for Queen Sonja of Norway and Prime Minister of Norway Erna Solberg. Tomine sing in numerous events and concerts every year and has worked with a number of eminent musicians both within classical music and jazz music.


Tomine has also played severals roles at The National Stage (The Main Theatre in Bergen), both singing and acting. Little Cossette in the musical ”Les Miserables”, ”Dik-Dine” in the black metal musical ”Svartediket”, Bertha Müller in ”A better place”, a role in ”Blackbird”, Queen Isabella in ”Dyveke”, Young Kristin in the musical "Kristin Lavransdatter" and a singing role in a play called "Ibsen at Engen" which has been played for sponsors since 2014 until today. Tomine also had the role of Young Nina Grieg in a musical play about Nina Grieg, played in Grieg's real home at Troldhaugen in Bergen, and in 2009 she had a minor role in the opera ”La Boheme”. She also played the lead role in the short movie “The Sister” - which premiered at the Bergen International Film Festival in 2016 - recorded lines for the play ”Gelsomnia”, and played in several short films and two TV commercials. 


In 2012/2013, she recorded her first feature film as the character "Astrid" in the award-winning Canadian feature film "Violent", produced by "The Amazing Factory" and "We Are The City." The film premiered at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival in the Czech Republic in June 2014. "Violent" has lived its own life and has been shown during several prestigious festivals. "Violent" has won 19 prizes, has been nominated for 7 more, and is on the list of "Canada's Top Ten Films". This film is now available for download at iTunes.


In 2013, her debut album was released with Universal Music, produced by HP Gundersen and recorded in Rainbow Lydstudio. However, she was only 13 years old at the time it was recorded. Helge Lilletvedt played Piano, Mathias Monsen played Cello, and Ingeborg Strønen played accordion. Her brother Tobias Olai (cellist) composed the aria "Heaven" for Tomine and plays cello in that piece on the album. The album received very good reviews in the media.

Tomine released her second album JONI, where she covered 10 Joni Mitchell songs in February 2023 and in 2022 she was the support artist for Collabro on their tour in UK.

Tomine finished her BA in acting at Westerdals in Oslo this spring, 2023, and in September this year you can see her in the play "1984?", based on George Orwell's famous book with the same name, at The National Stage in bergen.

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